Friday, April 11, 2014


This week in Sweeney's English 102 Class we began viewing the screenplay called se7en. At first I thought that is was going to be boring and not interesting in the least. However I found the screenplay to be amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The entire thing lasted over a span of seven days and tells a story about a murderer that is killing around the basis of the seven deadly sins. I find this to be extremely clever and intriguing. The first kill was for the sin of gluttony, the second was greed, and so on and so forth. I can say that this is definitely one of my favorite things we have done in English. I can not believe that we are basically done with this semester; it completely flew by. We only have to post two or three more blog posts. Still we have another paper and need to assemble our portfolios but that should not be that hard. Sweeney is definitely one of the best and most fun teachers Richard Bland has to offer and I am definitely glad I took his class. Good luck to everyone with their finals and final weeks of class.


  1. I had seen bits and pieces of Se7en before we chose it as the screenplay for Sweeney's class so I was excited that I was finally going to watch the whole movie. Older mystery/suspense movies are some of my favorite movies to watch. With all of the thought behind the murders in Se7en, it became so much more interesting. I've fallen a little behind in class but I know that I've got to pull my act together in these next few days.

  2. I thought I wouldn't enjoy the movie but it was really a good movies. I read the screenplay as well which follows the movie but had an alternate ending. I preferred the movies ending rather than the screenplay, because I feel the screenplay left viewers hanging not knowing what going to happen next since he was suppose to retired and we really didn't know what happen to Mills, but it was a great crime suspense movie and play.